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In Memory Of Our Friend and Brother

Cpl. Robert Gordon Teather (ret.), C.V.

1947 - 2004
Bob speaking at the 1998 IADRS Conference Robert G. Teather, Friend and Brother Bob demonstrating self defense techniques with his sidekick Kato Bob signing a book at the 1998 IADRS Conference

Cpl. Robert G. Teather, CV   Canadian Cross of Valour   Our Friend Always

In Memory Of

Cpl. Robert (Bob) G. Teather (ret.), C.V.

Friend, Brother, Scholar, Mentor, and Author
Passed from us on November 15, 2004 well before his time.
Bob’s contributions to the Public Safety Diving
field will be remembered by all.
He is considered the Ambassador of Public Safety Diving.

A hero through his actions, Bob received
 the Canadian Cross of Valour in 1981
as a diver with the RCMP in British Columbia.
There have only been 19 recipients of the Cross
in its history. Bob was the thirteenth recipient and
the only Mountie to receive it.
He was humble. Most, if not all, of us knew nothing
of his heroic acts, just his unconditional friendship.

Bob traveled North America teaching vital skills to
Public Safety Divers including Underwater Investigations
and Forensics. He lectured at many conferences,
 and authored several books. Our team was fortunate
to have brought Bob here to teach us in 1995.
Many of us traveled to hear him speak elsewhere,
always learning more from him each time.
Anyone who has heard the tape,
“What is a Public Safety Diver” , has heard
his voice as narrator. He continues to be instrumental in
raising public awareness of the public safety
diving field and the good works it provides to our communities.

He is missed by all his family and friends.
Happy trails old friend.

Robert G. Teather

On December 10, 2004, a memorial service was held
in Delta, British Columbia.  All who attended and the
 many who could not will miss his humor and guidance.

    Diluted by tears
    I dive the murky water
    Mentor at my side

    His hand upon me
    Allowing me to swim on
    Showing me the path

    Our hearts uplifted
    In pure water, he now swims
    With the Almighty

    Bob, Friend and Brother
    Inspiration to us all
    Thank you, you have helped

    tf 11/16/2004


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