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Never Forget

Learn more
about the
 Ice Safety for Schools®
program and how you can help.

Ice Safety for Schools - Help put us out of business

We work all year to improve this program to keep our children safe.

Merrimack Valley Dive Rescue's members train twice monthly in specialized water rescue techniques.

Hey, what is this stuff in the water?

Public Safety Diving is quite glamorous.
The cool blue water and the exotic fish make
for a wonderful dive.
Unless, of course, you dive where we dive ...

Throughout the year topics covered include:
The Incident Command System
  Ice Rescue & Diving
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Swiftwater Rescue & Diving
Underwater Investigations
Sonar Operations
R.O.V. Operations
Light Salvage
High & Low Angle Rescue
Air Evacuation
Boat Handling
Vehicle Recovery
Scene Evaluation
Witness Interviewing
and several equipment specialty areas.

All members are certified in CPR and First Aid.  Some of our members are also trained to various levels in Emergency Medicine, including EMT, Paramedic, and Registered Nurse.

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